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Become a Go! Running Tours City Manager

Do you want to have your own business (full-time or part-time) combining your running passion with the city you live in? Do you want to start straight away and work under a strong brand? Do you want to hit the ground running and kick-start your business with the personal assistance of experienced sightrunning providers? Then a Go! Running Tours franchise opportunity is just for you.

We expand our city manager network

We want to bring sightrunning to any city worldwide. Below, we have highlighted some primary cities across the globe, that we are eager to open a city manager destination/franchise in. Zoom in and click on the marked countries to find out, in which cities we search for runners who like to start their own Go! Running Tours city manager/franchise. If you are not able to find your city on our map, then no need to worry. When we say we want to bring sightrunning to any city, we mean it. So if your city is not on the map then contact us and tell us why we should have you as a city manager in your amazing city.

What do we offer?

Our Go! Running Tours City Manager/Franchise Partnership is designed to provide an easy and quick way to start a successful sightrunning business. Many runners believe that it is just a matter of having a simple website and then the guests will stand in line to join their running tours. Nothing could be further from truth and that is why we have put together the franchise partnership. With the combination of a fully optimised website with online booking system, 1on1 training and support by the Go Running Tours team, and the advantage of working directly under the Go! Running Tours brand, you will see yourself starting your business quickly, cost effective and professionally. A Go! Running Tours city manager/franchise partnership will ensure that you will not spend your time on making common mistakes or being “stuck” on specific issues, but instead you will spend your time on driving quick progress and get started with the best business concept in the world (trust us - it really is).

The package includes:

  • Website incl. booking system, search engine optimised and responsive.
  • Know how & Support from the team and founders of Go! Running Tours (who each have their own successful sightrunning businesses)
  • Strong brand including a high brand-recognition and clear competitive advantage for your business
  • Full Marketing Package incl. business cards, presentation
  • Set annual fee and fair commission rates.
  • Website traffic via the network that would otherwise spend years to establish.
  • Preferred Partner Status for Go! Running Tours enquiries
  • Quarterly Best Practice Sessions with other franchisees

What are the benefits of being a Go! Running Tours Franchisee?

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  • eliminate all the risks of making typical start-up mistakes by receiving extensive personal guidance, as well as a website and a system that already works successfully.
  • enjoy all the benefits of being part of a company with widespread brand-recognition and great reputation, by working directly under the Go! Running Tours brand.
  • be associated with premium quality and high levels of reliability due to the Go! Running Tours brand.
  • have the ability to charge higher prices than competitors based on the association with the Go! Running Tours brand.
  • enjoy greater credit and bargaining power when negotiating with potential partners, B2B customers, sales channels, sponsors, etc.
  • build your business in a quick, effective and professional manner based on the expertise and support by the team and founders of Go! Running Tours (who both run their own successful sightrunning business).
  • benefit from global knowledge sharing with other Go! Running Tours franchises and have direct and personal contact with the entire franchise network.
  • enjoy a fair and scaled price structure that recognises the need for economic breathing space in the initial phases of building a business.

Would you like to know more about the City Manager/Franchise Partnership?

Contact us and we will be happy to provide you with further information.

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