trail tour

Casa de Campo Group Tour - 10km

Running in Casa de Campo transports you into Madrid's nature at 10 minutes from the city centre!

Comanja Trail Private Tour - 10km

Just 20 km north of the city of Leon on the way to San Felipe Torres Mochas, Comanja find the village of Corona, magical region for its spectacular flora and fauna.

Forts Trail Running Tour – 15km

This is a trail running tour. You will discover the beautiful large green area overlooking Genoa and which is easily reached within 5 minutes using one of our typical funicolars. You will run in the nature while breathing in the local hisory. The park is also famous for its Mura, a walls system built in the 17th century including several forts built betweeen 18th and 19th centuries forming one of the largest fortification system in Europe.

Mojave Trails Run - 10Km

Run through the amazing and wondrous Mojave Desert.

Private Breathtaking Himalaya Tour – 7KM

Escape the hustle-bustle of Kathmandu to discover the breathtaking view of the Himalayas as well as local villages, pine forests, beautiful lush hill, paddy fields and Kathmandu valley while enjoying the mountain fresh air.

Private Mineral Del Chico Trail Tour - 20km

“Mineral del Chico”, used to be a silver and gold mining town in times of the Spanish conquer, but nowadays many runners and climbers come to these beautiful mountains, which are green all year around, to get close to the the stunning nature and experience beautiful trails.

Private Nevado de Toluca Trail Tour - 20km

“El Nevado de Toluca” or Xinantécatl, which means naked man in náhuatl language Discover this amazing volcano close to Mexico City, a place considered sacred, surrounded by two beautiful natural lagoons and incredible landscapes.