Amazing Cusco Private Tour – 10km

More than 1000 years of History in just ONE running session! On this tour you will experience ALL of Cusco in 2 hours!

Ancient Athens Tour - 10km

For the “Ancient Athens Run” we take a jog around the Acropolis and by other emblematic ancient Greek and Roman monuments.

Architecture Tour - 10km

Explore the Modern Day Architecture of Copenhagen.

Bunds and Bridges - 10 km

Perfect route for seeing the most impressive sights in our city.

Byzantine Athens Tour - 10km

For the Byzantine Athens Run we jog around Athens’ Byzantine and Ottoman relics and discuss their history.

Casa de Campo Group Tour - 10km

Running in Casa de Campo transports you into Madrid's nature at 10 minutes from the city centre!

City by the Sea - 10km

We start our tour in front of one of the many churches near the sea. From there on, we’ll go to the harbour.

Comanja Trail Private Tour - 10km

Just 20 km north of the city of Leon on the way to San Felipe Torres Mochas, Comanja find the village of Corona, magical region for its spectacular flora and fauna.

Early Bird Tour - 10Km

This tour is perfect for every "Early Bird" or business man. This tour starts at sunrise [or earlier] and guides us to the beach and other exciting places and parks to enjoy the sunrise in a dreamy Barcelona. Let us discover and enjoy the mediterranean!

Gaudi Modernism Tour - 10Km

Barcelona is an open air museum. Discover the unique architecture.